Monday, September 5, 2011

My Game Interviews So Far This Year

So this has been an interesting year for me.  After I got home from the hospital in February, I really started taking a liking to the OnLive service.  This twist has gotten me more connected to the gaming industry in the last few months than my over 20 years of gaming ever has.  Just some very interesting happenings and all of a sudden I'm writing about something I love...gaming.

My first interview was a little rough because I was so new.  It was to feature the game Astro Slug by Bit Barons.  Here is the interview: (Astro Slug)

The next interview was for a much larger game, FEAR 3.  This was my first experience dealing with a huge studio.  Warner Bros was the publisher, who I had to go through, and Day 1 Studios was the developer.  Because I didn't know how many questions to send over and how to phrase them, the interview appeared a little short.  (FEAR 3)

The interviews after started to get a little more meaty.  Not only did I ask about the games, but also about the process of getting them to the OnLive service.  We also found out a little more about what it means to be a publisher, a developer, a distributor, etc.  Here is my interview with the French publisher, Focus Home Interactive (Focus Home)

Recently, OnLive got a lot of good press from the whole GameStop and Deus Ex debacle.  What happened was, OnLive put a free game code in every retail PC copy of Deus Ex.  The free code was for the same game on the OnLive service.  GameStop saw this as a threat and opened up the games, took the code out, trashed the code, and then sold the games as brand new to their customers.  Lots of folks were upset about this and lots of folks were introduced to the OnLive service.  Combine this with OnLive giving out free consoles at PAX Prime and many new players were coming over.  It just happened that I had a nice interview for Deus EX as well: (Deus Ex)

My most recent interview comes from a game that I didn't think I would be into as much as I am.  Tropico 4 rolled out this past week and I am in love.  The game is all about you running a tropical island however you want to run it.  Lots of things take place on this island and it is up to you on how you want to manage it.  The music is great, the visuals are soothing, and the game is addicting.  Here is my interview with the fokls at Kalypso: (Tropico 4)

So I'm having a blast getting to talk to these folks and learning more about the gaming industry.  Look for more articles coming soon.  Tomorrow should be another from the makers of Space Marine.  Later should be ones from Dead Island, Hard Reset, Batman, Lord of the Rings, and much more.

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